Siren 097138, calling you back

——Remember Chen Wei, the People's Police who died at work

● Peng Dan, full media reporter of

At 11 pm on October 24, the office of Chen Wei, director of the Information Center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, remained bright. After preparing for the next day's work, Chen Wei left with peace of mind.

At this time, he has been working for nearly 15 hours.

No one had thought that just a few hours later, Chen Wei was overworked and had a sudden cerebral infarction. He fell on the cold floor of his home and never got up again, fixing his life at 43 years old forever.

On October 31, the first seven days after Chen Wei's departure, his mother Li Aizhi and his wife Guo Xiaorong walked into Chen Wei's office and could not bear to leave for a long time, as if hoping that his son and husband could return and see them again.

His cheek was tightly against the desk the son had used, and Li Aizhi burst into tears. "It turns out that the son is writing on this desk ..."

Guo Xiaorong's trembling hands stroked her husband's police uniform on the hanger over and over again, there was still a lover's taste on it, "If you can see you wearing the police uniform again, how good ..."

However, Chen Wei really left.

What is left is the heartbreaking cry of family members, the silent sobbing of comrades-in-arms, and the shout from the heart of everyone on the Internet-"Sirens 097138, calling you back to the team ..."

The end of life

He is a tireless super "Iron Man"

On October 24, a retired bureau leader met Chen Wei by chance, saw his face pale, and charged him to take care of himself and go to the hospital for an examination as soon as possible.

"I'll go when I'm busy," Chen Wei answered. But this busy, but busy to the end of life.

Beginning on September 25, all the police of the Municipal Public Security Bureau entered the wartime mechanism of "defending the Daqing and protecting the military transport." The information center has a public security network, a video network, the Internet, a private network for security, a special network for technical investigation, and a government affairs network. It is responsible for 25 business systems, 23 resource banks, and 232 categories of 16.2 billion pieces of data. "Build a security barrier and provide efficient collection of data. Chen Wei knew that the center couldn't make any mistakes. It was necessary to ensure that police orders and government orders were unblocked, and that national security and military transport were secure.

"From September 25 to October 24, he worked overtime 22 nights a month ..." Speaking of Chen Wei, the information center trainer Xian Jianhua couldn't hide his grief.

Xian Jianhua said that Chen Wei came early and walked late. Because the center has fewer people and more things, he not only actively arranges himself to watch the computer room, but also always rushes to participate in night patrols in order to allow other police officers to rest more. Every night, he also participates in video duty inspections.

In order to put the big data center into use before the National Day and provide data support to the front-line security operations department, Chen Wei cherishes every minute and overtime becomes a common occurrence. Sometimes his office lights are still on at 2 or 3 am

In addition to the big data center, he is constantly on the move, working on various tasks such as "Xueliang Project" and "Tianma". This is the work track of Chen Wei combed by Xian Jianhua on the last day of his life:

At 8 o'clock, preside over the "Xueliang Project" meeting;

At 10:00, determine the "Tianma" communication guarantee plan with the person in charge of the mobile company;

At 11:00, discuss with Xian Jianhua about the preparations for the "Xueliang Project" forum to be held the next day;

At 14:30, communicate the focus of the project propaganda report with the "Xueliang Project" construction party;

At 1600 hours, discuss with the head of the traffic police detachment to resolve related issues;

At 19:00, patrolling the section of the Vocational College Road to the East Lake;

At 20:00, participate in the video duty inspection;

After 21:00 pm, return to the unit to continue preparing the next day's meeting materials. In the middle, there are also complicated things such as air conditioning maintenance. Chen Wei, like an "Iron Man", tirelessly completed various tasks.

In the center's WeChat group, there are still people in "Aite" Chen Wei, asking him various questions. "Look at him if you're used to something, and don't dare to face the facts ..." Auxiliary police officer Huang Wanqiu cried.

The police cup with the paint off, the green scallion snoring, the "Tianma" route monitoring table to be determined on the table ... Every item in the office seemed to be quietly waiting for the owner to return. However, this waiting will become an eternal memory.

Ye Ye in the public

He is "Desperately Saburo" who is not afraid of difficulties

The police who have worked with Chen Wei all know that when he starts working, he has a "striving desperate Saburo", and he will not let go until he achieves his goal.

In 2017, Chen Wei served as a trainer at the Tianmen High-tech Park Police Station. This winter, there were many cases of stolen diesel trucks. "A box of diesel for a large truck is worth several thousand yuan, and the stolen driver has suffered a great deal of damage. The case must be resolved as soon as possible," said Chen Wei.

After analyzing the case with his colleagues, he judged that this was a rampant theft and decided to "keep waiting." "Shou" In the middle of the fifth day, Chen Wei and several auxiliary policemen patrolled the car and found someone sneaking by the side of the fuel tank of a truck. He pulled the car door and rushed forward. Colleagues quickly followed and caught the suspect quickly. A criminal gang who stole truck diesel more than 100 times was cracked.

"Every time a criminal suspect is arrested, he always rushes to the front, tells his colleagues 'Follow me', and has never heard him say 'Give me up.'" He once worked with Chen Wei at Tianmen High-tech Park. Police Xia Qi told reporters. As long as Chen Wei is responsible for the case, he has always been a pioneer.

From 2005 to 2011, Chen Wei took root in Duobao Town, Tianxi Town. In 2010, due to the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, more than 10,000 migrants in the Danjiangkou reservoir area needed to be relocated to Duobao. That was the most complicated period in the security situation of Duobao. The Duobao police station received four to fifty police a day.

According to Wang Jia, a policeman who worked with Chen Wei at the Duobao police station, one day in 2010, an immigrant couple in Shigu New Village collided with a villager in Pengchang Village on a motorcycle.The original ordinary traffic accident was escalated by friction between the two parties For fighting, more than 3,000 people gathered in the two villages to confront each other. Regardless of his personal safety, Chen Wei rushed to the scene as soon as possible, and after more than 8 hours of persuasion, he eliminated a large-scale dispute.

Construction of the "Xueliang Project", with one or two thousand monitoring points, Chen Wei visited more than half of the site, broke four pairs of shoes in six months, and completed the construction of more than 2,000 new cameras involving 26 towns and cities in the city.

Build a big data center, direct the actual combat unit to successfully capture 15 online fugitives and 48 suspects of telecommunications fraud; guarantee the military transport of Daqing and protect the military, and it will only take 2 days to install, lay out, and debug the HD probes at the three checkpoints Using big data to capture drug traffickers; "Tianma" security, he runs around the race line for nearly 9 hours a day ...

Relying on this hard work, since the police's 22 years, Chen Wei has served as both a commander and a combatant. He has stepped forward and taken the initiative to tackle the difficulties. He has overcome one difficulty after another and won one tough battle after another.

Dedicated to the people

He is the "heart warmer" of the people

Liu Changxing, 78, who was poor due to illness; Liu Linyong, 82, who was poor due to illness; Liu Xiongfeng, 42, who was poor due to disability ... Chen Wei's notebook in his lifetime detailed the situation of every poor household he helped. .

Chen Wei assisted Xinhe Village in Tianmen Industrial Park. This summer, he took the police to deliver 108 bags of fertilizer to the poor households, and he took the lead to move them in a bag.

"At that time, the weather was hot, and his clothes were wet and dry, and dry and wet." Recalling the situation that day, police Dong Wen couldn't hide his heartache.

On October 27, Chen Wei's memorial service was held in the city funeral home. In addition to his comrades, colleagues, friends and relatives during his lifetime, there were many spontaneous people who stood in silence and saw him off.

"Such a good person didn't expect to leave suddenly." Huang Mou, a resident of the overseas Chinese community in Tianmen High-tech Park, flushed his eyes.

Huang told reporters that he was a probation officer. Due to his identity, he never found a job and his wife was still at home. The couple gave birth to twins. During a visit, Chen Wei learned of the situation.

In order to help them solve their urgent needs, Chen Wei walked away and successfully helped Huang to apply for a public welfare position. In September this year, Huang's child urgently needed to apply for an identity card to apply for bursary. Chen Wei specially handled the incident and, together with the household police, applied for an ID card for the child as soon as possible.

"He doesn't have a shelf, he is very" minor, "both up and down." Zeng Hanping, a villager in Zengling Village, Duobao Town, said tears of Chen Wei's bite in Duobao.

While working in Duobao, Chen Wei was in charge of law and order in 13 villages in Pengchang. In order to resolve the disputes and reconcile in time, he "moved" the office to the village. Every day, he entered the village against the dawn and left in starlight.

Gradually, the village threatened less trouble and returned to the fields. It is offensive to mediate conflicts and disputes. Why are the villagers so close and trusting him? For a long time, everyone has found the answer from his work style of treating people like love and sincerity.

After learning about the bad news, the masses who knew Chen Wei all sighed, many people rushed back from the field and sent him for the last trip.

Tiehan Tenderness

He is the "superhero" in his son's heart

"I shouldn't ask him that high ..." Mother Li Aizhi said regretfully, hammering her chest.

Li Aizhi's husband was also a police officer, and died at work when Chen Wei was 18 years old. She said that since then, Chen Wei has determined to become a People's Police, succeeding his father in fulfilling his wish of "serving the police and protecting one side." After his son became a police officer, Li Aizhi often told him to do good work and don't embarrass your dad.

Li Aizhi revealed that Chen Wei had a chat with her late at night shortly before her death: there were too many things, and she was really too tired. Li Aizhi said, "Would you like me to speak to the leader and give you a little rest?" The son replied: "How can I do that? Who will I not take the lead in? Doing this police uniform is about dedication, sacrifice!"

"This year's National Day holiday, he did not accompany me and my child for a day because of work. He always said that he had time to travel together and grow up with his son ... Now, he has broken his word." His wife Guo Xiaorong said sadly.

Guo Xiaorong was in Wuhan when Chen Wei died. "I was retired that day, and he asked me to go to Wuhan with my son. I was afraid I couldn't find my son's school and sent me three road maps in a row." Guo Xiaorong looked at his mobile phone, and his eyes blurred with tears. "You said you Thinking of my son, I brought you back to my son, but where are you now ... "

"Son, in the future life, you must learn to be independent and learn to face setbacks ..." On February 24 this year, it was Chen Wei's son ceremony. Because he was too busy at work, he could only encourage his son by writing a letter.

One night after Chen Wei's death, his son quietly told his grandmother: "Dad is a superhero, and I also want to be a police officer and continue to complete my father's unfinished business."

Reporter's Notes:

There was no earth-shaking, no ups and downs, and Chen Wei was ordinary. Choosing one thing for the rest of your life also sees greatness in the ordinary.

In his work, he willingly took care of everyone, took the initiative to meet challenges, and courageously faced difficulties, with excellent business quality, strong sense of responsibility, and guarding peace and harmony; in his life, he had a soft heart, anxious for the masses, Think of the masses, add tenderness to the rigidity of the rule of law, and explain the great love of a policeman.

In pursuit of Chen Wei's life footprint, what we see is a series of selfless, fearless, remorseless steps, highlighting the image of Wei An, an outstanding public security policeman who has both wisdom and courage, and an outstanding law enforcer who cares about the masses. The background of Chen Wei's life has always been the nature of a people's policeman, that is, his dedication.

The call of mission allows Chen Wei to use the spirit of the "old ox" to complete various scientific missions and become a behind-the-scenes hero; the call of mission allows Chen Wei to fear no difficulties and charge the front line to maintain peace; the call of mission Let Chen Wei affect the masses, regardless of gains and losses, to help villagers one after another ...

Nothing is more touching than listening to the call of the mission, nothing is more lofty and touching than the devotion to the mission. Chen Wei, a true hero dedicated to his mission, go all the way!

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