90 years later, the Gutian Conference and today's conversation

An antique Hakka courtyard, leaning against the green hills, facing the paddy field. Behind the house, the eight big red characters of "The Gutian Conference forever shines" are solemn and solemn, which attracted a lot of tourists to ponder the deep meaning.

90 years ago, a red revolutionary team that had established the party for 8 years and established the army for 2 years explored the glorious path of "ideological party building and political army building". Gutian has therefore become one of the important red "origins" written in the annals of the Chinese revolution.

The red gene has been passed down, the revolutionary spirit has lasted for a long time, and the old Soviet area has surpassed and surpassed ... 90 years later, when visiting Gutian, the mountains and rivers are still simple, but the development is changing with each passing day, witnessing and telling the eternal beginning of the Chinese Communists.

Guarding the soul of red culture

Walking into the site of the Gutian Conference in Shanghang, Longyan, Minxi, I saw the banner monogram and party flag on the main hall, and the four red pillars were affixed with slogans such as "Long live the Communist Party of China". In the coldest season of the year, the inky marks left by the charcoal heating on the slate floor were still clear, making people seem to be at the scene of the ninth congress of the Red Fourth Army Party in the winter of 1929.

At that time, the young Chinese Communist Party had just found the way to surround the city and seize power in the countryside, and got out of the shadow of the defeat of the Great Revolution. And maintaining the proletarian nature of the army has become a very serious new problem.

The building of the meeting place was originally a local Liao family ancestral shrine built in 1848. It was changed to "Harmony Elementary School" at the beginning of the Republic of China. After the Red Fourth Army entered Gutian in May 1929, it was renamed "Shuguang Elementary School". The Gutian Conference held in December of that year established the important principle of "ideological building of the party and political building of the army" and became the setting of the new people's army. The bright Gutian bugle blew the brilliant dawn of the Chinese revolution.

Guarding the soul of this revolutionary holy land, Gutian is firm and wise.

Since graduating from university in 1989 to the Gutian Conference Memorial Hall, Fu Yisheng has rooted here. In order to let the Gutian conference site building complex shine again, he and his colleagues ran up and down, even when there were "top cows".

Someone once suggested that in order to develop tourism, a large square of musical fountains should be built in front of the Gutian Conference site. The first curator at the time, Fu Yisheng, objected: "Red is the background color of western Fujian. The first thing you must feel when you come here is the original revolutionary building complex and the natural environment of the year. The development will inevitably destroy this. Seriousness. "

Starting from 2000, Gutian took the protection of the former site and brand building as the starting point and grasped a group of old conference sites including the writing site of "The Fire of the Stars Can Be Original", the former site of the Red Fourth Army Command, and the Wenchang Pavilion of Yingyang Town. Comprehensive maintenance and exhibition of revolutionary history have brought a large number of red buildings and red cultural relics to life. So far, the old site group of the Gutian Conference has carried out four phases of maintenance and protection projects. Experts praised that the old site group was well maintained and protected, and no modern trace of re-maintenance was visible.

After years of hard work, the Gutian conference site has realized the transformation from point to surface, from the protection of a single building to the overall protection and activation of the red cultural relic building complex, and from the simple visit to the in-depth tour of training and research.

"In Gutian, not only did he receive revolutionary education, but in front of him, a picture of red and green harmonious symbiosis unfolded." At the Gutian Conference Memorial Hall, a visitor left a message.

Minxi plays "color symphony"

In the Gutian Conference Memorial Hall, a thin cotton batting used by Comrade Mao Zedong was placed.

90 years ago, a cook named Yang Dongdong from the Fourth Army of the Red Army gave the only quilt in the family to his son who participated in the Red Guards. His bed was only covered with a tattered brown coat for field labor. After Comrade Mao Zedong saw it, He took one of the only two blankets on his bed and gave it to him. After knowing this, the Minxi Special Commission added a bed of cotton wool to Mao Zedong.

A bed of cotton wool sees the spirit. Longyan in the west of Fujian is a fiery red land. For many years, the spirit of the western Soviet area of "the revolutionary movement ahead and the struggle for production" has been taking root. Today's old revolutionary district in the west of Fujian is walking on the Kangzhuang Avenue, which is catching up with and surpassing development. The spirit of "struggle" has not diminished.

Lei Xianchun, an 80-year-old villager from Sujiapo Village, Gutian, witnessed the dramatic change from occlusion to tongtong in western Fujian: "After the founding of New China, Gutian only had a mountain road with nine bends and eighteen bends, and it took nearly 2 hours to reach Longyan City; The highway opened to traffic more than a decade ago, and this time was shortened to 40 minutes. At the end of this year, an expressway was completed, and it only took 20 minutes from Gutian to Longyan City. "

Belden. Today, Lei Xianchun's son, Lei Yousong, relies on the good mountains and water of Gutian to set up a low-pollution and high-efficiency spiny breast frog farm. The farm located in a mountain at 600 meters above sea level is close to the state of primitive forest. "The market price of spiny breast frogs here is 120 yuan per catty, and the ecological bonus has been exchanged for" real gold and silver "," Lei Yousong said.

People on the new journey in the old Minxi district have continuously explored green development experience such as soil erosion control in Changting and forest reform in Wuping. Nineteen years ago, because of forestry rights and unknown management entities, deforestation and "guarding the green hills to eat poverty" had plagued Wuping for a long time, and the reform spark that divided households into households was ignited. In December 2001, Wuping Jiewen The village issued China's first forest tenure certificate, the first step in collective forest tenure reform.

"Now, through the development of new business forms such as under-forest breeding and farmhouses, the trees on the mountain are denser than before, and the water flowing at the foot is clearer than in the past, and everyone's pockets are more drummer than before." Secretary of the original party branch of Jiewen Village Zhong Taifu told reporters.

On the way to a well-off society, the solemn promise that "we must not leave an old Soviet area behind" is becoming a reality.

In 2018, Longyan's total GDP reached 239.3 billion yuan, and total fiscal revenue was 29.68 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of more than 3200 times and an increase of 3,400 times over the initial period of the founding of the People's Republic of China. All the poverty-stricken people who have established a file have achieved poverty alleviation, and poverty-stricken villages, key towns and townships for poverty alleviation and development, and key counties for provincial poverty alleviation and development have removed their hats as scheduled.

Today, Longyan, infiltrated by the red culture, Hakka culture, and green development concepts, constantly breaks through the environmental restrictions of "eight mountains, one water, and one field". The old district has become the frontier of today's opening: a large number of Taiwanese and Taiwanese enterprises have landed here. , Built the largest Taiwan soft stick oolong tea production base in mainland China; from here, many Internet industry leaders; Shanghang Zijin Mining has become an international enterprise that "buy the world, sell the world ..."

Inherit "Gutian Code" before setting off

In Gutian, Minxi, the Communist Party of China found the “password” for ideological party building and reformed the objective world with continuous self-revolution. What is the meaning of the Gutian Conference for contemporary China after 90 years?

"Why does a conference last only two days, with a participation of just over a hundred people, leaving such a strong mark in history? The reason is that the Gutian Conference was not only a historical condition for the Communist Party of China at that time. How to build the party and army has found a preliminary answer, and it has always guided us in the course of history, "said Deng Yuhe, a researcher at the Gutian Conference Memorial Hall.

The great spirit, the great theory, leaving practice can only be an "air tower."

"In today's era of global economy, ideology, system, and comprehensive strength of all-round competition and cooperation, the party is facing the" four major dangers "and the" four major tests. "These issues affect the party's long-term governance capacity building and its advanced purity building. In the face of these new problems, the spirit of the Gutian Conference has inspired us. Only by seeking truth from facts and dare to investigate and face the problem can we find a golden key to solving the problem, "said Zeng Hanhui, executive deputy of the Gutian Cadre College.

"Political learning will always be a lifelong subject for every Communist Party member," Fu said. The Gutian Conference resolution emphasized "planned education within the party." Now, a group of party members and cadres have come to Gutian to carry out thematic education activities and cadres. Training, inheriting the red gene, and undergoing revolutionary tempering. The spirit of the revolutionary shrine is constantly spreading.

Deng Dahong, a researcher at the Fujian Academy of Social Sciences, said that the party's system construction in the new era is a continuation and improvement of the spirit of the Gutian Conference. In the new era, to build great projects, we must continue to promote the Sinicization of Marxist party-building theory like the Gutian Conference, adhere to the combination of integrity and innovation, and constantly crack down on various problems in party building. (Reporters Gu Qianjiang, Tu Hongchang, Chen Hongyi)

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