Announcement of the candidates for the "Tianmen Good Man" in December

Based on the procedures of unit recommendation, organization review, and soliciting opinions, it is proposed to recommend Wang Lizhu and Li Delin to the December "Tianmen Good People" list, of which Wang Lizhu is the "Tianmen Good People-Star of the Month" in December (deeds attached)

If you have any objection to the results of the above selection, please report the situation during the publicity period and contact telephone number: 8507216. Publicity time: November 25th-November 29th.

Office of the Steering Committee for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization of the CPC Tianmen Municipal Committee

November 25, 2019

Wang Lizhu, female, born in 1961, is from Shifeng Village, Shijiahe Town.

At the end of 1983, she and her husband Chen Shijun held a wedding in their hometown. After the marriage, Wang Lizhu followed the army to Xinjiang and spent a happy military life for several months. Due to Wang Lizhu's pregnancy and altitude sickness, she returned to her hometown in Hubei. During the period, Chen Shijun returned home to visit relatives only twice, and spent less than 50 days at home. Since then, Chen Shijun has never returned home. A couple stayed together for less than ten months.

On August 3, 1985, bad news came, and the army came to find her: your lover Chen Shijun was unfortunately sacrificed during the construction of the Hetian Hebu Highway in Xinjiang on June 20. Wang Lizhu fainted at that time, and when she woke up, she was already lying in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The house leak happened to be rainy night.Wang Lizhu was getting worse and had gallstone surgery.In the days when she was dependent on her child, only her husband supported him with a majestic look.She said: I am the wife of a soldier. To make Chen Shijun, who is sleeping in the Tianshan Mountains, laugh at Jiuquan, I want to allow the offspring of the martyrs to grow up healthy, and I must do my best to understand the army and solve the government's problems.

With the help of the army and the government, she was arranged to work in the food department. In order to get a marriage room for Chen Shijun's younger brother, she gave up her home. The tide of laid-offs has made this slightly better-off family faltering again and again. Due to the restructuring of the food sector, she became a laid-off worker. In order to save her son's tuition, she sold eggs in the market and persisted in two jobs. For his son to finish junior high school and high school, his son was also very upset and successfully admitted to Wuhan University of Science and Technology.

After her son graduated, she returned to her hometown. She regards the Chen family as her own relative, and she has fulfilled her promises to her family with practical actions: "The Chen family is my family, my parents are my parents, my siblings are my siblings, please rest assured, I will take one step I will not leave the Chen family. Chen Shijun is gone, and it is my duty and responsibility to care for the elderly. "The old man's clothes and quilt, she washed and tanned; the old man had headaches and hot brains, and she went back and forth to ask the doctor for medicine; eighty The two elderly men are already "old children" and regard her as a backing and attachment. "Because my father-in-law relies on my strong 'oldest son', I can't fall."

Looking back on more than 30 years of mental journey, she said tearfully, "Chen Shijun gave me a year and a night together, and gave me a marriage certificate. But since I chose a soldier to be a husband, I will inherit him The last will, struggling to move forward, for 7 words-I am the wife of a soldier. "

Li Delin, male, 71 years old, is currently the secretary of the Party branch of Yuxuan Township.

Over the past 18 years, Li Delin has been actively involved in all matters concerning the elderly. He has tried his best to find things to come to his door. He has tried his best to help anyone who has difficulties, marriage, funeral, or marriage. With his selfless dedication, he has become the most trusted person of the old people, writing a colorful old life with an immortal red heart.

Veteran cadre Pan Yanai was ill and his wife died. Li Delin often visited him to cheer him up. Sun Yanlong, a retired cadre of Qingshan Pig Farm, came to the door to reflect that the old couple had no hukou. After understanding the situation, he went to Fozishan, Shihe, and Tianmen many times, and finally helped Sun Yanlong settle down. Sun Yanlong died of illness in March last year, and Li Delin resolved the child's retirement for his remarried spouse Deng Yuzhi.

In order to enable the old people in the town to enjoy the old-age benefit policy, Li Delin "takes the trouble", pastes time, car money, phone bills, sky gates, fishing salaries and runs back and forth, and provides eligible old people with free old-age certificates and love. Cards, re-registering accounts, and applying for civil welfare for anti-US and aid North Korean personnel. In recent years, no less than 400 certificates have been processed by him. He often said that many elderly people don't know how to do it, nor where to do it. His business is familiar, and he can handle it centrally, which can reduce a lot of trouble for everyone. Why not? In order to make everyone happy, Li Delin Taking the old cadre activity center as the carrier, a number of hobbies such as a dance team, gate team, Taijiquan sword team, and qigong performance team have been formed to enrich the elderly's cultural and entertainment life.

In addition, he does not forget to care about the next generation. Every year, senior cadres are invited to the school to tell children about revolutionary history, tell stories of battles, and carry out activities such as "big hands holding small hands", "three send (send books, send stationery, send funds) to build a bridge of hearts", and support poor students reading. Every year on June 1st, he mobilized senior cadres to donate to students in need, which lasted for 8 years. This year he mobilized veteran cadres to donate 2,800 yuan to send warm care to 10 needy students.

Every day, he gets up at dawn, buys laundry and helps everyone with all kinds of things. Although he is busy, he is always happy. He wrote a new chapter with his own actions!

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