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Hubei Daily full media reporter Chen Yan

Will a house that has been renovated for a large price be "toxic"? What should I do if the baby room carefully arranged for the newborn is delicious? More and more residents are paying more attention to indoor environmental health, which has given birth to the industry of indoor environmental testing.

Home improvement testing company "small, scattered, weak"

In early October, Ms. Chen, who lives on Zhongbei Road in Wuhan, received an indoor air quality test report. In this report, there are five substance test results of the house she renovated last year, including formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds). Fortunately, none of the five indicators of Ms. Chen's house exceeded the standard. "After the house was closed for 12 hours, the inspectors brought the instrument to the door, took samples in each of the four rooms, and sent the report the next day." Ms. Chen said that the report cost 2400 yuan.

Many people choose to buy small handheld instruments on e-commerce and take their own measurements. Open an e-commerce and enter "formaldehyde tester", you can see thousands of products with prices ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan. The highest-selling test strip tester is only 23 yuan, with monthly sales exceeding 30,000. station.

The industry believes that decoration pollution has given birth to a huge indoor air detection and treatment industry.

According to the "2019 White Paper on Indoor Air Pollution in China" issued by the Institute of Chemistry of the China Institute of Testing and Technology, according to the analysis cycle from March 2018 to March 2019, the current situation of indoor air pollution in China, the sources of pollutants, and the hazards that can be caused 3. The current indoor air purification misunderstandings and other sampling surveys found that the detection rate of the houses within the 1 year of decoration is 95%, the failure rate is 65% within 2 years, and the failure rate is 55% within 3 years.

According to Zhu Sherong, president of the Hubei Air Purification Industry Association, the market demand for the indoor environmental testing industry is huge, and it will be a billion-level market. If the entire industrial chain such as governance, management and control is included, it will be a billion-level market. At present, there are thousands of environmental testing companies in our province, but the proportion of qualified ones is very small, about 66, most of which are engineering testing and home improvement testing. No leader has appeared in the entire industry, showing a "small, scattered, weak" situation. Last year, there were only 15 companies with an output value of more than 20 million yuan.

Huang Zhihong, person in charge of Hubei Provincial Physical and Chemical Analysis and Testing Center Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Science and Technology Inspection Group, introduced that since last year, the company has incorporated home improvement testing into its main project. There are about 100 customers per month. Households. Although the proportion of operating income in the company's revenue is small, it can be expected in the future.

"Bad coins expelling good coins" appear chaotic

In fact, "deep water" is a common experience for practitioners and users. "On-line search for indoor testing, various companies offer quotes ranging from more than 100 yuan to several thousand yuan, and there is no need for money; the shopkeepers say that they are professional; they also say that there are various governance methods such as photocatalyst law that make people cloud It ’s foggy. ”Ms. Chen said, in the end, she asked about the need for certification of professional testing companies, and can go to the website of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau to find a list of qualified companies, and then find regular companies.

Zhu Sherong said frankly that the indoor air quality testing market is still in its infancy and there is a phenomenon of "bad money expelling good money." Unqualified companies use low prices or even money as a cover to defraud management expenses; some companies issue fake reports; some obtain inaccurate data due to improper operations; most of the various handheld instruments purchased online are not reliable, and governance is also unreliable. It is full of pseudoscience. For example, he said, for example, the formaldehyde release value obtained when the room is closed for 1 hour and 12 hours is completely different; the formaldehyde data measured at the temperature of 38 ° C does not exceed the standard, and the measurement may be exceeded at 28 ° C. Operating in accordance with the specifications will result in "fake data". And this is not the most serious disorder.

Because it can't compete with unqualified companies in terms of price, it can't survive if it only specializes in home improvement testing. Most compliant companies don't pay much attention to home improvement environmental quality testing.

"For professional testing company certification, there are many thresholds for personnel and equipment. Qualified companies need at least 10 people, invest about 1 million yuan, and the cost of opening a" married couple "with one or two people is completely incomparable." Huang Zhihong said Taking Hubei Physical and Chemical Analysis and Testing Center as an example, more than 20 million yuan has been invested in testing instruments alone. A test requires at least 3 staff members to spend a few days, including the cost of oil, machinery and other costs.

Hu Yijun, the person in charge of Hubei Yiyongzhi Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. also agreed with this. Last year, the company invested more than 1.5 million yuan in indoor testing equipment alone. According to the latest regulations, cameras and online monitoring systems were installed in the laboratory to ensure the authenticity of the testing data. At present, the company's main business is also engineering.

End home pollution

Facing such a situation, Huang Zhihong believes that this is just an opportunity, and the market will soon be reshuffled and entered a healthy development stage.

Huang Zhihong introduced that the future trend of indoor air detection is to move the test forward and plan before the renovation, so as not to cause pollution, instead of testing after the renovation. "For example, according to the size of the house, Kuang calculates the bottom line of various indicators, so as to determine what area can be used at most, what kind of flooring, etc." We even hope to force the home improvement material industry in this way. Upgrade to eliminate pollution from the source. "

Hubei Junengxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates with property companies to carry out science popularization and promotion of testing. "The property company and the owner have a closer relationship, which makes it easier to carry out science popularization; or, the property company can sell as a distributor to achieve a win-win situation," said Liu Yong, the company's principal. At present, the company has started cooperation with 52 property companies. Liu Yong believes that the air management of the entire industrial chain is a future trend, from detection to governance to real-time monitoring, to provide a full-process solution. "Now, although the market is in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the ultimate trend will be that the top five companies occupy most of the market. The short-term behavior of those people who flicker is just a flash in the pan. I believe that quality and word of mouth will definitely become stronger and bigger." From Hu Yijun, who came out of the system, is very optimistic about this market. It is expected that the company's per capita annual output value will reach 800,000 yuan to 1 million yuan in 3 years, and will enter the first echelon of the industry.

Because the home improvement market is not valued by testing companies, consumers' channels for finding professional testing companies are not so smooth. In this regard, Zhu Sherong said that the association is working to increase promotion and publicity, and believes that the indoor testing market is promising in the future.

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