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Regardless of the season, Dongguan is a gorgeous picture of the southern country. It is shaded by trees, lined by trees, and leaves are full of vitality.

"The small window drizzles lightly, and Dongjiang relies on his busy life and writes this business in the slightest. It is worthy of the people in the world." This is the author's true portrayal of the calligrapher Liang Ping from Hubei Tianmen now and his life feeling . The leader of his hometown, who was once the vice minister of the National Academy of Military Sciences, commented on Liang Ping: "The talent comes from his own, the article can be created at will, although it is an ordinary person, but it can be given to the world."

Since 90 years, Liang Ping has worked in the local town committee. In fifteen years, he has published nearly 10,000 articles in "Hubei Daily", "Jingzhou Daily", "Tianmen Daily", "Jinglingfeng" magazines and other newspapers and magazines. He has won more than a thousand awards. It was named as one of the top ten pacesetters by the Propaganda Department of Tianmen Municipal Party Committee. He has also participated in and organized many calligraphy and painting competitions and calligraphy activities in the local area, which has become inseparable from calligraphy.

In 2005, Liang Ping went south to Guangdong. He works while writing calligraphy. Master in the study of Wang Xizhi, Su Dongpo, Zhu Zhishan, and later learn Cao Quan, Zhang Qian, Shi Chenbei Lishu and Ouyang Xun, Tian Yingzhang, Lu Zhongnan Kaishu; concurrently study grass, Jian, 帛, 篆, seal engraving. From 2009 to 2010, he went to Daogang, Vietnam, Taipei, Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Macau and other places for calligraphy exchanges. By 2019, he has created more than 20,000 calligraphy works. His works have been collected by leaders of American friends, Vietnamese Chinese, Taiwanese Women Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce, Taiwanese Speaker, Macau Women Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce, the four daughters of Macau King of Gamblers, Dongguan Federation of Trade Unions, and nearly 10,000 friends nationwide.

Lishu: Wang Wei's "Lu Chai"

Lishu: Wang Wei's "Autumn in the Mountain"

Liang Ping was born in Tianmen, Hubei, the hometown of Cha Sheng Lu Yu. He is now a member of the Chinese Painting Ink Painting Academy, a member of the Chinese Education Television Station "Ink Painting In The Painting", a vice president of the Chinese Calligraphy Network Alliance in Guangdong, and a member of the Hubei Branch of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association. "Ink and Danqing" column group advanced calligraphy art workers, Dongguan Young Painting and Calligraphy Fine Arts Award, Shi Pai Cultural Center Honest and Clean Painting and Calligraphy Excellence Award, the exhibited works were exhibited and collected by the Dongguan Federation of Trade Unions. In Liang Ping's Lishu works, there are both the timeless elegance of Cao Quanbei and the simplicity and simplicity of Zhang Qian.

The calligraphy is beautiful and vigorous. Loved by the majority of books.

Cursive: Song. Xin Qiji, "Xijiang Yue. Night in the Yellow Sand Road"

Liang Ping's cursive script is magnificent. Taking the dragon and snake away is like a shock. His strokes are taken from Huai Su's beauty, but also integrated into Zhang Xu's wildness. The layout is reasonable and properly divided, giving people a longing and reverie for the good. Most of his works are loved and collected by Guangxi friends.

Cursive: Yuan. Ma Zhiyuan, "Tianjingsha. Qiusi"

Liang Ping's stippling paintings are simple, uniform in thickness, and flexible in rigidity; the knots are well-proportioned and the squares complement each other. Representative works "He Weigui" and Qu Yuan's "Li Sao" excerpts: the dew of the magnolia and the chrysanthemum. It can be described as fascinating and exuberant.

Essay: Harmony is expensive

篆 Books: The dew of the magnolia of the Chao Dynasty, the fall of the autumn meal. Qu Yuan's poems and sentences

Liang Ping's regular script is rich and magnificent, magnificent, charming and healthy, and strong. When he started teaching, he first asked the students to practice regular script, mainly Ouyang Xun's regular script, referred to as European style. He said that if a person learns calligraphy well, he first learns good regular calligraphy, then practices other calligraphy, and then finds out the style of writing that is suitable for him to study, so as to achieve mastery and skill.

In addition to studying the calligraphy of five-character calligraphy, Kai, Li, Xing, Cao, and Xun, Liang Ping also studied inscriptions such as Jin Wen and Jian Zhu. In addition to his own creation, he also extensively studied the masterpieces of some famous calligraphers in China and copied them to improve Improve your skills and knowledge of calligraphy.

Liang Ping's calligraphic concept has developed in the direction of "all things in the world are knowledgeable and one can also be a teacher." This inclusive and open study attitude makes Liang Ping attach great importance to the diversity of self-cultivation, coupled with his own poetry and poetry. , History, literature, and even astronomy and geography, humanities and natural hobbies and insights, just integrated into their own creation, I feel very smooth and successful. In his eyes, these are all excellent materials and sources of knowledge with rich and calligraphy connotations.

Good words are made in hard study, and Bo Gutong is a party to this book. No matter what a person does, only when he perseveres in the process can he stand out in a field and become a true calligraphy worker. Mr. Liang Ping is no exception. When we were asked about the course of studying calligraphy, Liang Ping replied with a smile: "There are countless rice paper and inks that have been used for calligraphy in the past 40 years, and there are 200 writing brushes. More. "

Learners, when they are very strong, must stand up to loneliness, hold back poverty, and not be fooled by outside utility. Every time, every day, how many days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights, days, nights. In addition to the work that should be done, basically everything I think about and do in my head is related to calligraphy.

Thousands of domestic calligraphers, how to write works that are both suitable and personal? Liang Ping said: "Calligraphy is a kind of visual art. It seems to be silent and vocal. It resonates in the viewer's heart and blurts out and chants. This is the art of sound. The words to be inscribed on different occasions are different and must be judged according to the actual environment. . This requires the calligrapher's own cultural knowledge and understanding of calligraphy. "It is like a 100-meter-long scroll of" The Diamond Sutra ", which took him a month to complete. The full text is more than 5,000 words, and each word is more than 6 centimeters. After completing the masterpiece, he checked that there were no missing words and no typos, which is truly a must.

Among the fragrance of Han Mo's fragrance, the calligraphy is dignified and beautiful, full of aura, and the characteristics of fine strokes and generous shores are particularly fascinating. Calligraphy is the essence of Chinese traditional culture, and it is also our national essence. Mr. Liang Ping takes the promotion of calligraphy culture as his own responsibility, and has won praises and praises from many domestic calligraphy enthusiasts with his diligence and superb calligraphy skills. He also gave a lot of ink to some friends, donated to institutions, schools, and dedicated himself. Infected many people with lofty ideals and social friends. Every time here he will be very happy and very happy!

Mr. Liang Ping's greatest effort is to sprint the National Exhibition to reach the highest level of calligraphy. Let us bless him with full enthusiasm and confidence to achieve his wish and obtain that lofty wish in his heart!

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